Organizational Loans

Organizational Loans


We understand the importance of providing your members with the best equipment while remaining within budget. Complete a simple loan application and send it along with your organization's budget and last two year-end financial statements for quick approval.

Apparatus: Pumpers, Tankers, Ladder Trucks, Emergency Response Vehicles including Ambulances or other such specialty equipped motor vehicles used for Fire/EMS protection and response (including utility and chiefs vehicles). 

Accessory Equipment: Other equipment necessary to support firefighting or emergency rescue activities. 

Real Estate: Building renovations, rehabilitation, repair or purchase of facilities.*

Personal Protective Equipment: Clothing and devices that comply with OSHA standards used to protect personnel from injury who provide emergency services, including but not limited to helmets, coats, boots, eye shields, gloves, and self-contained respiratory protection devices.

Communications Equipment: Mobile and Portable Radios, pagers and any other communications devices for your personnel, apparatus and station.  

Share & Certificate Secured: You can secure a loan with funds you have on deposit in your Share Savings or Share Certificate Account. You can continue to earn interest at the current rate while benefiting from one of our lowest finance rates. 

Secured Up to $50,000 Up to 5 years Call for Rate
Secured Up to $50,000 5-10 years Call for Rate
Secured $50,000+ Up to 10 years Call for Rate
Mortgage Secured $50,000+ Up to 15 years Call for Rate
Share Secured Up to Deposit Amount Up to 10 years 2.40%
Certificate Secured Up to Certificate Amount Up to 10 Years Certificate Rate + 2.00%
Unsecured Up to $50,000 Up to 5 years Call for Rate

Benefit from our Flexible Payment Terms to suit the needs of your organization's budget. Repay your loan monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually over a term up to fifteen years depending on the purpose and use of loan proceeds. If funds become available to your organization, pay off your loan early with No Prepayment Penalty

Download an Organizational Loan Application HERE.

Rates and terms current as of date published, subject to change. Other rates and terms available. Maximum loan 80% of project cost. Other conditions may apply. Call for details. Loan approval subject to membership eligibility and credit-granting terms and conditions. We do business in accordance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

* Maximum loan to value of 75% on any major building renovation.